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Consulting Panel

Day 2: Consulting Panel / Sustainability in Biotechnology: Speakers

Michael Phelan, MEng


Michael Phelan is a consultant, bioengineer and McGill Bioengineering alum (MEng 21’, BEng 20’). He has worked in numerous roles in AI and the startup ecosystem, including as an Artificial Intelligence Consultant at Deloitte Canada and Cofounder/COO at LFAnt Medical. Most recently, Michael began a role as a Technology Analyst at PSP Investments, one of Canada’s largest investment managers. Michael’s main interests are in technology, innovation & startups and he is always keen on hearing about new ideas and projects.


Harpreet Chattha, MEng

Isaac Operations

Harpreet Chattha is the talent manager at Isaac Operations. He is in charge of recruitment, training and development, where he has helped the company grow 25% year on year.  Prior to this, he worked for 4 years as an operations consultant. Whilst working as a consultant Harpreet worked across the food and beverage sector, in healthcare and in the marine industry. Collectively Harpreet oversaw and delivered bottom line improvements totaling more than $10m. His educational background includes Master's studies in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London.

mark drlik.jpg

Mark Drlik, BASc

StarFish Medical

Mark Drlik is the Director of Program Design at StarFish Medical, a biomedical consulting firm located in Victoria, BC. A graduate of Mechanical Engineering at UBC, Mark has found his passion in biomedical design and has spent almost 20 years in the industry thus far. StarFish Medical is Canada’s largest medical device design, development, and contract manufacturing company offering services ranging from infectious disease diagnostics to automated lab equipment.


Kieran Guinan, BEng


Kieran Guinan is a recent graduate of McGill Bioengineering. He has extensive experience in bioengineering labs, including projects designing self-healing polymers and modelling cellular mechanotransduction responses. After graduation, he started working as a SR&ED consultant at Leyton, a global consultancy firm dedicated to helping companies of all sizes improve their business performance.

Sustainability in Biotech


Rashmi Prakash, MASc

Libang Surgical Technologies

Rashmi Prakash is an Electrical Biomedical Engineer with a passion to sustainably integrate technology and biology to enhance the quality of life. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (Biomedical Option) and her Masters of Biomedical Engineering degree at UBC, and is now an Adjunct Professor with the UBC School of Biomedical Engineering. She has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work at a wide range of companies within the biomedical industry, including a biomedical non-profit, a for-profit medical device company, and as a clinical engineer at Vancouver’s local health authorities. Most recently, Rashmi holds an integral role at a medical device start-up company. She is developing her own transformative health products, including a fetal health monitor and compostable menstrual products.

Day 2: Consulting Panel / Sustainability in Biotechnology: Speakers
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